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Junior Advanced Open Water

Now we’re talking! The Junior Advanced Open Water course takes you to deeper waters, diving on your own and options from being like James Bond to taking photographs underwater and even better diving at night. If you are aged 10 or above and have your Junior Open Water Diver Certificate then this is the course for you.

The Junior Advanced Open Water takes you to a depth of 21 meters (aged 12 and above) taking your diving skills further into Speciality Programs.

There are so many to choose from, the list is endless, but this is a sample below:

- Deep Diving
- Navigation Diving
- Night Diving
- Photography
- DPV - Underwater Scooter
- Multilevel and Computer Diving
- Peak Performance Buoyancy
- Fish ID
- This is a 2 day course which includes 5 dives. The one day course – 3 dives, is also available making you a PADI Adventure Diver.

Aged over 15? Well now you can join the senior ranks as Open Water Diver
and Advanced Open Water Diver. See details in adult course >

junior advanced open water