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junior open water located in bans diving report

Junior Open Water

Come see a whole new world of adventure, from skills in the pool to entering a new universe where the fish are in charge. Diving in the Open Water you will find yourself next to hundreds of fish where you can watch them in a special way. If you are aged 10 or older, then this is the course for you. Once finished you will have your own license to dive anywhere in the world.

From learning skills in the swimming pool to diving in the Open Water, the Junior Open Water is the first certification. We go down to a depth of 12 meters and see all different marine life from butterfly fish to stingrays.

The skills our Instructors teach you both in the pool and the open water include:

- Regulator skills
- Mask skills
- How to breathe from your buddy's air source
- How to take your scuba unit off underwater!
- Hovering in mid water
- Plus swimming with the fishes and in and out of the corals.
- This is a 4 day course starting the first day at 5pm where you will meet your PADI Instructor.

Ready for the next level? Aged 10 and above?
Come and get your Junior Advanced Open Water >

junior open water