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You’ve heard of superhero’s like Spiderman and Superman, well come and be a hero of the underwater world. Here you go on special aqua missions with PADI Instructors where you learn the skills of scuba! From breathing underwater to floating like an astronaut and even special night missions. As a member of the PADI SEAL Team your skills help you to go further into Wreck diving and Photography and maybe one day the Open Water World!

Aqua Mission 1 - All about diving, your ears, the air in your tank
Aqua Mission 2 - How to take out your regulator, the purge button, how to wear the mask.
Aqua Mission 3 - Your BCD, the extra regulator, S.A.F.E. diving
Aqua Mission 4 - How to find your regulator, the fin pivot and hovering - feels like you're in space!
                         - Come and be an aquanaut!
Aqua Mission 5 - How to move through the water, SEAL Team skill circuit.

You can take further SEAL Team programs to become a Master SEAL Team Member. These include:

- Creature ID                              - Search and Recovery
- Environmental Specialist           - Specialist
- Innerspace Specialist               - Skin Diver Specialist
- Navigation Specialist                - Snapshot Specialist
- Night Specialist                       - Wreck Specialist
- Safety Specialist

For SEAL Team it is a 2 day course after meeting your Instructor. Once SEAL Team is completed you have the chance to dive in the Open Water.
Each Master SEAL Team speciality takes a morning or afternoon .

Aged 10 and above? Come and get your Junior Open Water >

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